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Yummix is a delicious, healthy and wholesome chilled snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Combining creamy milk rice with yummy fruits, every spoon of Yummix Milk Rice is full of goodness and is completely natural, with no artificial favorings, colours or additives.

A convenient  100 gram two-compartment container allows you to enjoy Yummix exactly how you want. The first compartment contains the blend of creamy milk and rice, the second a generous portion of real fruit, Strawberry or Mixed Berries. You can “flip and mix” or “double dip - it’s really up to you!


Strawberries are a popular part of spring and summer diets throughout the world. Mouths water from place to place each summer, when the ruby red berries start to appear on strawberry bushes. They are also one of the healthiest fruits around which are packed withantioxidants and vitamins. And the best part is, they have really low calories! 


Cow Milk  (71 %), Sugar (8 %), Rice (7 %), Strawberry (7 %)


Mixed Berry

Sweet and sour mix berries jam, consist of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. These antioxidant-rich fruits have been used for centuries for healing, immune-stimulating, and energy-booster. They can also reduce cholesterol, support digestion, and detoxify the body.


Cow Milk  (71 %), Sugar (8 %), Rice (7 %), Strawberry (7 %), Raspberry (1 %), Blueberry (1 %), Blackberry (1 %)

"Love for the quality snack."


About Us

Yummix Co. Ltd is owned by Yummix Asia AB, a newly formed Thai/Swedish company.

Our ambition is to combine the best European technology with Thailand’s abundant source of food ingredients to create products for today’s healthy and fun lifestyle.

We believe the enjoyment of food is a precondition of a healthy lifestyle and whilst we always aim to make our products highly nutritious, they must always - always - taste special!

Our dream is to produce for the people of Thailand innovative products that will delight, with high taste values, enjoyment and convenience.